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Archive for October 14, 2016

Texas sheriff faces lawsuit over federal immigration holds

SAN ANTONIO - The Dallas County sheriff who was warned by Gov. Greg Abbott about not complying with immigration holds has been sued by people who say they were detained for extended periods because of such holds. The lawsuit was filed Monday, the same day Abbott made public a lette...

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Dallas County Sheriff faces lawsuit over immigration holds

DALLAS, TEXAS (NBC) - The Dallas County Sheriff has been sued by people who say they were detained for extended periods because of immigration holds. He was warned by Governor Greg Abbott, about not complying with immigration holds. The lawsuit says that...

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Local Battles Brewing Over Sanctuary Cities

When Gov. Greg Abbott sent a public letter last week reprimanding Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez for softening her approach to detaining undocumented immigrants booked into her jails, saying it posed a “serious danger to Texans” and may require state action, it confused many immigrant rights acti...

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Federal civil rights suit filed against Dallas County, Sheriff Lupe Valdez by immigrants over pretrial detention

A federal civil rights suit over pretrial detention was filed yesterday by 16 plaintiffs against Dallas County and Sheriff Lupe Valdez, raising again the use of immigration holds requested by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE. The suit addresses Fourth, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment...

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The US Keeps Mistakenly Deporting Its Own Citizens

When Lorenzo Palma finished serving five-and-half years for aggravated assault in Huntsville, Texas, he was not allowed to leave the prison. Instead, immigration officials ordered the facility to detain him another year and then transferred him to an immigrant detention center in Houston, where it h...

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Personal Injury

It's not your fault that you were injured.

If you've been hurt, we can help. You might think that consulting an attorney can be a costly and litigious process, but it doesn't have to be. If you’ve been seriously injured, you may be overwhelmed by the situation and intimidated by the piling ...

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