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1. Deferred Action (DACA and DAPA)
Deferred action is a discretionary determination to defer removal action of an individual. You will be eligible for work authorization up to 3 years from the date of approval. You may request consideration of deferred action for childhood arrivals or for parents of US Citizens or Lawful Permanent Residents

2. Green Card

  • A green card is your permanent resident card. There are many ways to obtain your green card. Generally, it requires an approved petition through a family member, an employer, an approved SIJS application or VAWA visa for an example. There are also requirements regarding manner of entry into the country and admissibility.
  • We represented many clients in obtaining their green cards from USCIS or immigration court. Let us guide you through the best process in obtaining your green card.

3. Visa Applications

There are many other types of immigration visa applications, including Special Immigrant Juvenile Status application, Violence Against Women Act application, and U visa application, just to name a few.

 We worked with all types of visa application and we can evaluate your eligibility for the best type of relief for you.

4. Citizenship

There are many benefits to becoming a US citizen. You have the right to vote, obtain a US passport, and you can better assist family members in obtaining their immigration benefits.

The process to become a citizen can be a complicated one, especially if there is language barrier or criminal history. Our experienced attorney can help you make the process easier.

5.  Additional Remedies:

 Don’t give up on your fight in obtaining lawful status. There are ways to continue your case even after a loss at immigration court or USCIS such as:

  • Motions to reopen
  • Stay of Removal with ICE
  • Appeals to the Board of Immigration Appeals

6. Removal Defense

Receiving a notice that you or a family member has been put in ICE detention and ordered removed is a frightening time. These orders are most commonly initiated when a person has been convicted for committing a crime. You may have eligibility for some defense to being deported.

We can help you and your family through this complicated and difficult process starting with getting bond and preparing you for a proper defense. Don’t wait, there are strict deadlines for raising a deportation defense. Call our attorney today.